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June 10, 2021


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For being something of an icon, this building didn't last long. It opened in 1933 as the Portland Public Market (which went under in 1941), it was leased to the US Navy during the war years, and then it became the headquarters of the Oregon Journal for 13 years from 1948 to 1961.

The building sat empty until it was demolished for the expansion of Harbor Drive in 1969. Harbor Drive was demolished in 1974 to build Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Apparently, they finally got it right.

I beg to differ, Joel. In 1967 I went there to be photographed for a Journal article on our Cleveland High School production of "Annie Get Your Gun." The paper was still operating out of the building at that time.

Kenneth, Jefferson did "Annie" in the 73-74 season. Not that we were better... our Annie went on to do tv news reporting, Sharon Mitchell...

Sorry Kenneth, but you have a faulty memory. The Journal was sold to Newhouse Newspapers (the owner of The Oregonian) in 1961 and its operations were moved to the Oregonian Building on SW Broadway.

Although the papers were housed in the same building, they maintained separate editorial staffs because of a provision in the will of the daughter-in-law of the Journal's founder Sam Jackson. She was the final living member of the Jackson family.

Thanks, Joel. You're exactly right. Now I've got to figure out if I really went to Cleveland or not.;-)

You might ask Dave, Kenneth. I think he was at Cleveland in 1967.

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