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June 21, 2021


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Does this bldg live on as part of the Governor Hotel?

No. It’s a parking lot now with retail on street level what’s left of it. Old Governor is on 10th Ave & Alder

The Governor is now called The Sentinel. It's owned by former Trump buddy Gordon Sondland who gave Trump a million bucks to fund Dotard's lavish inauguration. For that money, Sondland -- who had no diplomatic experience -- was named ambassador to the EU, a fairly important ambassadorial post.

Sondland blew his friendship with the former guy when he testified that "Everyone was in the loop," essentially saying that Trump was aware of a plot to force the president of Ukraine to lie and talk dirt about Joe Biden.

Yeah, we know. We remember.
And Sondland wasn't the first person to receive a patronage post like that.
Obviously you don't like Trump. Why do we have to hear about it? Twice in two days. Geezuz. He's gone. And Grandpa Biden got elected. Remember?

Hey George, as soon as Trump quits begging for affection, we'll stop mentioning him. But so long as he tries to make the world believe he was an innocent guy and a good president; we'll remind everyone what a horrible four years he presided over.

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