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June 06, 2021


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Tragic family, RIP

Seventeen year old Ambassador Hotel busboy Juan Romero cradling Senator Robert Kennedy's head after being shot.

Juan served Kennedy and 3 staff members dinner the night before ( room service ) ...when he walked in the room, Kennedy was on the phone. I believe John Glenn was in the room as well.. Kennedy motioned for Juan to wait, he ended the call and approached Juan shaking his hand and spoke with him for a moment. Kennedy’s never carried money so he asked Someone to give Juan a tip.. Juan couldn’t believe it. The next day he had a strange feeling and grabbed rosary beads and put them in his pocket. You couldn’t make this up! He was damaged all his life from that night in the kitchen at The Ambassador Hotel

All of your posts Mr. Stump leading up to this horrific moment this month have left me feeling numb and isolated all over. Also I'm always asking myself WHY? Yes all these years have passed but its still so fresh in my mind. I was only 9 years old when this happened but I knew in my 9 year old heart something was stolen from all of us.

Joe sr had a lot of shady dealings back in his day, and I wouldnt be surprised if he brought on a curse for his family. He shouldve been beaten severely for lobotomising Rosemary, she was retarded, and needed meds.

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