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July 28, 2021


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Headstone of Maxine Menster in Cascade Iowa died 9/26/94 age 68 yrs.

If it's ok to say about a headstone, have to say this is sure cute.
Thanks DG for the backstory. 68, way too young, RIP.

Thanks, DG! The Oleo was a tip-off she was somewhere mid-west/south.

I love Maxine and her family for their great sense of humor!

Mom had a recipe for a candy using only margarine, she did write oleo or marg., she was from Kansas.. funny, she would say "Ioway", and "pie-anna", the keyboard, among others, yet nobody else from there said them that way. Dad was also from KS.

Jann, my late in-laws were from Kansas, and they had some really funny ways of referring to everyday things. A bedspread was a counterpane. A chest of drawers was a commode. I always thought a commode was a toilet.

Small steams of water were cricks. You didn't "berry" people, they were "burried."

Cleveland High gal pal DB's family was from Nebraska and her grandfather was proud that their town had a sign reading "(N-word) Don't Let the Sun Set on you in...whatever the name of the town was." Sad.

I use 'crick'! Mom was from Burlington, dad born Iola, we joke we are probably related to most of Cottonwood Falls..I have learned some terms and use them, but I am a Thespian, and a bit of a grammar snob.

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