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July 28, 2021


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And now will come more illogical hatred towards those who can't or didn't get the "jab", even though the "jab" is supposed to provide full protection...

Anything to steer the blame away from the pharmaceutical companies, who are raking in gazillions of taxpayer dollars while being protected from any responsibility, and that the virus was most likely manmade...

Badkitty...Sorry but screw the anti-vaxxer community. If you can't be vaccinated for some reason, that's one thing. But the millions of people who refuse to be vaccinated because they believe some stupid story they heard on a pro-Trump website suck muchly.

I really don't give a rip how much Pfizer and Moderna are making. It was their science (Trump had nothing to do with it) that gave us the hope that we could be rid of Covid. Then the anti-vaxxer assholes came along and refused to take a simple shot that would do them no harm and now everyone has to mask up again.

The pro-Trump anti-masker crowd is the worst of the lot. They've been complaining about having to wear masks and socially distance for the last year and a half, then when a solution comes along to get them out of the mask, they refuse it. How stupid is that?

Hatred, you bet I hate them. But illogical, not in the least.

Joel, I cannot wear a mask due to asthma, and damn claustrophobia and panic attacks ddont help. I am also not getting vaxxed because I dont trust it. Screw Dump, and all his shiteaters. My concern is what are the effects 10, 15, 20 yr down the road? I dont go anywhere, I am in a care centre, so I stay to myself, an dont bother others. And Big Pharma is almost as crooked as That thing in Florida.

Jann, science says any side effects from vaccines present themselves within a couple of months. Millions of people have been vaccinated for more than two months without any problems other than the sore arm thing.

I hate masks too because they fog up my glasses. The best way to get rid of mask rules is to get vaccinated.

Right there with you, Jann. Except I am lucky that I can wear the masks and do anytime I'm around someone who is not my husband.

As for Joel's "simple shot that would do them no harm", thousands have died and been maimed from it, but the MSM won't cover it because... money? Tie-ins with BigPharm? Afraid the truth might cause panic? People might have to change their lifestyles and take care of themselves instead of getting the "magic bullet" and continuing their daily donuts and McMeals? (Note- I do not blame those who CANNOT get healthy foods, like low income and living in food deserts. We should be GVING them healthy organic foods and educating them on nutrition, plus testing and supplementing Vitamin D, which is PROVEN to fight COVID and yearly flu. Healthy people tend to get sick less. Making our populace healthier is building the fence at the top of the cliff instead of just placing an ambulance at the bottom.)

If you look in local news, you will find stories of victims of the "simple shot", like the deaths and illnesses. One woman with no health issues, 38, died of organ failure two days after the "simple shot" Another, about the same age, survived after weeks in the hospital, but is left with lifelong problems and over a MILLION in medical bills. BigPharm made sure they are not responsible for anything, so she is left to pay off that bill with her job as a liquor store clerk, if she can ever go back to work again. Where's the taxpayer lottery money for her?

We have a friend accruing his own million-dollar hospital bill with the "simple shot" blood clots, another got pneumonia, and another got the far-too-common jaw paralysis. Two others got COVID, but they think it was from the place they went to for their jabs.

If you look up the pharmaceutical companies involved, you might be surprised at all the lawsuits for not-so-ethical behavior. Like how often they know their products are deadly but continue pushing them until they get caught. Even the inventor of the RNA "vaccine" quit his job to protest it being used; it was never meant to be used on humans. We do not have long-term results and are being used as Guinea pigs. The virus was dying down until the shots started, then the virus kicked up again and starting mutating because of the shot. Just like we got stronger insects thanks to Round-Up, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA due to the overuse of antibiotics and anti-bacterial products.

It's not just the trumpsters who ignored the distancing and masks, it's people across the board. I have hated trump and his disgusting family since the 90's, I'm not about to take his side now. Although he and trophy wife #whatever did both get the jab. My husband just came back from the coast and he said both times he went by Tillamook Cheese Factory, there were 200+ people crammed out in front, like nothing had ever happened or was still happening. Doubtful they were all trumpsters.

I resent non-medical people/absolute strangers who think they have the right to tell me how to manage my personal medical decisions. Do they have access to and understand my private medical records? "All the cool kids are doing it" is what those after school specials told us NOT to listen to, yet that seems to be the slogan. My body, my choice, remember? It's about more than family planning. My doctor and I discussed it in the beginning and came to the conclusion that the drugs and chemicals involved would not be a good thing for me. She believes, as I do, every adult has the right to make their own personal medical choices. Some of her patients opted for it, most not. (I don't know about any patient reactions because of privacy, of course.)

And pushing CHILDREN to get the shot without their parent's knowledge or permission is dangerous and unethical to the max, and should be a red flag that there is something fishy going on! Maybe the parents know their child has an allergy or other reasons it would be dangerous for them to get it (vaccine reactions are more common in children than the media lets us know). Or if the child gets sick from the shot, how will parents know what to look for or tell the doctors if they don't know? Another 13-year-old boy recently died of an enlarged heart from the "simple shot". It's a known "side-effect", but hey, for the greater good, right? It's all for the greater good until it's you or a loved one who is affected by it.

If the "jab" (cute, harmless-sounding term made up by advertising department to push their agenda) is truly a vaccine, why the masks for the jabbed, anyway? How do those, jabbed or not, who don't have the virus affect the "protected"? Isn't the jab the magic bullet that is supposed to protect you from the unclean?

See, not that simple. People are not all alike, and our situations are not all alike. Poverty plays into a lot of it, as always. There is more out there to take into consideration, even the fact that the virus was not from bats, but, as said in the beginning until it was hushed up, lab-created.

Stay safe, Jann. Love you! 🐱

Love you, too BK!!! I dont go out and around the residents here, only one I see frequently without a mask is my sister, shes anti vax, too, and shes a CNA here. Wont live forever, but I kicked drugs 15 plus yr ago, quit smoking almost 12 yr, no more chemicrap in my body, thanks. Ill fight better things, global warming, extinction.

Badkitty, you've been spending way too much time with the anti-vaxxers. You make a bunch of charges but provided not a shred of evidence. If your claims have any veracity, you can surely link to them.

I've been arguing these points (mainly with the pro-Trump crowd) more than I want and I know that much of what you wrote is pure BS.

Vitamin D, for instance, has not been "PROVEN" to fight Covid. Researchers are trying to determine if there may be a connection, but at this point, they have found only a possible correlation...and only to Black people. Correlations are not causations.

Vitamin D has not been found to do anything for Whites, Asians, Native Americans, Arabs, or Indians. Only Blacks. Is black body chemistry so different from the other races?

You also speak of the inventor of the RNA "vaccine." RNA (Ribonucleic acid) is a molecule found in the body that is similar to DNA. The vaccine, however, is based on mRNA (for messenger RNA) which is synthetic. It has been under study and development for more than a decade. There is no INVENTOR of RNA who could quit his job. It's truly laughable that anyone could even think that one person was responsible for development of mRNA. It was a team effort...a big team effort.

Also, I'm sure you realize that two different mRNA vaccines were developed. One of them, the Pfizer/BioNTech, was developed by two companies. One US and one German. The other was developed by the US company Moderna.

I'll guess that your so-called inventor is Dr. Robert Malone. He made his charges on the Faux Noiz program Cucker Carlson Tonight where he claimed to have "invented" mRNA. He didn't don't be fooled.

I'll await your links.

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