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July 22, 2021


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"Bittersweet & "Go West" were playing at the Oriental 2/27/1941 thru 3/4/1941

I think I may have said this before, but why make the interior of movie theaters so ornate when most of the time spent in them you can't see anything other than the screen? And why the odd styling (lobby and other common areas included.) You wouldn't see those carpets or any of the other décor anywhere else. Talk about kitsch.

Movies were the main form of entertainment especially during the depression. Theaters wanted the WOW effect for the experience. Shameful they destroyed such unique landmarks.

Any idea of what happened to the Wurlitzer organ after The Organ Grinder closed?

The organ was parted out, Gretchen. The pipes were worked into a massive organ at the Organ Stop Pizza Company in Mesa, Arizona. Oddly enough, the owners of the Organ Stop pay no mind to the Organ Grinder and claim that the original Organ Stop in Phoenix was their idea and not a rip-off of the Organ Grinder.

I have to agree with Mr S here, theatres and cinemas were bilt to be classy, and give people an experience, not just saying we went ti the movies. I think its an utter atrocity that idiots wer allowed to demolish such beauty, for the crap they vomit up now.

Organ Stop Pizza is actually in Mesa, an eastern suburb...Been there a few times. Pizza is respectable, and the organ sounds terrific! Great family entertainment...Gotta bring the grandkids over from the west side of town...Knowing the roots of the organ are with the Oriental and Organ Grinder is an "oh, wow" moment for me.

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