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July 31, 2021


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Perfect and so true.

When I was first exposed to the mold at the Cedar Hills Rec Center in Beaverton, the CDC's official stance on mold was that it couldn't hurt you. You might sneeze if you were allergic to it, but according to the CDC, that's the worst thing mold could do to a human.

Then Katrina came, and the CDC had to almost admit mold could maybe, just slightly, hurt you. Kinda like they had to almost admit that those toxic formaldehyde trailers they gave the people who lost their homes just maybe might slightly kill them. Maybe.

Sadly, the CDC is government-run and based on who's funding them/slipping them cash. So they still don't admit mold could kill humans (and our pets), because all those rich slumlords might have to do something about their moldy buildings, not to mention our government would have to do something about our moldy public schools (a well-known epidemic). Money talks, even when lives are at stake.

Yeo, and gee, the vax you got for covid to keep you sake, now you need a 6m. booster, and essential workers really dont need fat bonuses for going to work faithfully during all this. Social security recipients dont need living wages... How to spell self centred morons? GOVERNMENT.

The first paragraph of the CDC's page on mold:

"Mold can cause many health effects. For some people, mold can cause a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing or wheezing, burning eyes, or skin rash. People with asthma or who are allergic to mold may have severe reactions. Immune-compromised people and people with chronic lung disease may get infections in their lungs from mold."

Yet, some people would have us believe that the CDC denies that mold can be a health problem. As the CDC page points out, mold is millions of years old. In other words, mold has been on Earth far longer than humans. The mold that kills or causes health problems is just mold being mold.

Some mold causes no problems, while other kinds can kill. That may be why there are regulations requiring all sorts of care be taken for removing molds we know are dangerous.

So, Joel, where in that statement did it mention that healthy people could be exposed to mold and DIE? Because I know people who were and did, and I almost did. No mold allergies, no immune problems, no lung disease, no asthma until I was exposed to the moldy Cedar Hills Rec Center, where I used to exercise. In fact, I was training to be a kick-boxing instructor. You don't do that unless you're in top physical shape. (Still don't have asthma, thanks to my ND. I got lucky.)

As for regulations- HAH! Did you know there are NO REGULATIONS to remove dangerous molds from public buildings in the city of Beaverton and Washington County? That's why I could not get a lawyer and sue THPRD for millions for almost killing me, ending my career, and disabling me for life, not to mention forcing them to remediate the sick building (their employees have definite signs of mold exposure). Because of no laws and the greedy, uncaring powers that be at THPRD, the Cedar Hills Rec Center is STILL moldy and STILL making people sick. Although they may have finally repaired the massive roof leaks, twenty years after they started leaking. But because they let the leaks go on for so many years, the mold grew in the ceilings and walls and air currents spread the spores around the building and into the HVAC system, which spread it even further. (See, I get my info from mold specialists, like forensic scientists, people like that).

The Washington County Courthouse also has mold problems, as per employees who have told me so (it floods every now and then, for starters). I don't ever have to do jury duty there because of it.

A dear friend died after living in the condo she bought for just two weeks. They found out too late the previous owner had died from mold in that unit. The entire building had water issues, like water running through the walls and ceiling vents. My friend did her research and found out second-hand residential pipes had been installed to cut corners, which broke under the pressure of being used for a large, multi-unit building (15 stories? I forget.) But the real estate agent, the agent's "inspector" (different state, different laws), and the previous owner's family worked with the building manager to hide all the water and mold issues. The building had just gone through a million-dollar lobby renovation to hide the mold and water damage down there. It was a waterfront building; no one wanted to lose their investment, even if it meant lives were lost. The building was full of sick people who actually got mad at my friend for bringing the truth to light.

The first doctor (ND) who was able to help me after I was exposed became a mold expert because his clinic was located in a large building in Tigard that turned out to be moldy. The office next door had mushrooms growing in the closets! And there were lakes on the roof that leaked into the building. He and his employees got sick, as did many others in the building, but he figured out ways to treat the victims before it got too bad. They went to court, but the office building was owned by very wealthy group who could afford to pay attorneys to lie for them. A later doctor had to move because he found out HIS office building had mold problems, and had to search high and low to find a safe place in the Portland area.

The first doctor was mistakenly invited to a seminar called "Mold is Gold", put on by a powerful group of attorneys. The seminar was to show how to make big money protecting the wealthy, undeniably guilty building owners from the poor, sick mold victims. My doctor, of course, went to it. They had no idea he was one of the victims.

Fun Mold Fact: Heavy smokers often don't react to toxic molds because get this- their lungs are too coated with tar and crap from the cigarettes for the mold spores to stick and set up shop!

Other Fun Mold Fact: Mold is mentioned in The Bible. They're against it.

In conclusion, don't get on me about mold unless you do your research. I've been studying it for 20 years and have known too many victims who died from it. Medical science is sorely lacking on mold treatments; even 20 years later it's difficult to find a doctor who doesn't think A. You are faking that massive lung infection, and B. Antibiotics will fix it (hint: they won't).

Sorry, Badkitty, but most of your discussion sounds like Internet BS. You know the kind of stuff that Trumpers love to pass around. It's all pretty much anecdotal.

Actually, landlord and tenant law speaks to any hazardous mold found in rental properties. That would be the type of property in Tigard you mentioned. Landlords are required by these laws to assure a healthy environment for their tenants. As far as a "wealthy group" of building owners being able to afford the attorneys to make problems go away, that sounds more like your biases talking.

Frankly, I find your claim to have known lots of people who had mold-related problems to be suspicious. I've never known anyone who had any health difficulty related to mold. I'm thinking that as someone who would patronize an ND, you're probably also the kind of person who looks for problems where no problems exist. The two tend to go together.

My late mother-in-law went to an ND, and she was one of the worst hypochondriacs ever. I remember what a good laugh we all had when she decided that she was suffering from Hansen's Disease. She didn't know that the only way to contract leprosy was through close physical contact.

As far as what the bible says about mold. Meh. It also says menstruating women should be hidden away for a week.

After six years of Trump, I've become just a bit testy when people start to toss around conspiracies and other horror stories. Your screed reads like a conglomeration of BS.

Spot on, Jann!

You forgot "Giving billionaires huge tax breaks so they pay less tax than the middle and low class will mean more jobs". Worked with Bezos. Pretty much pays ZERO in taxes and he used that money to reward the hard-working employees who risk their lives to make him wealthy.

Of course I'm joking! Bezos told his employees to stuff it and used the money for a big ego trip into the sky so he could call hisself an astronaut and think it gives him a bigger dick.

Oh Joel, thank you SO MUCH for mansplaining my illness and the medical world to me! Oh my gosh, me and all those mold victims and my doctors with their useless PhDs and decades of experience and research and knowledge know nothing compared to you! Why, everything I've gone through was just a HOAX! Gaslighting! Soemthingsomething trump? (Not sure what rump has to do with this but he does own MoldyLargo. His places are known for mold. And bedbugs, of course.)

I bet you even think the neurologists mold victims have to see are fake! Because you know all about mold victims and brain inflammation and stuff, right? And the mold-related surgery I had was fake, too? The world-renowned surgeon who operated on me (one of the Top Five Surgeons in the World) was just a fake who knows nothing compared to you. Why I bet you even know what my (fake) surgery was for, because Only You know what conditions mold can and can't cause in victims!
Experts be damned, what do they know compared to you?

Bless you for sharing your knowledge and greatness. I am healed!!!

Now to go tell all those mold victims they're not really dead because The Great Joel has never experienced mold, so it doesn't exist. They'll be sooo relieved!

There are no mold victims and I'm sure in your gut you know there are no mold victims. But keep on pumping the conspiracy theories. It worked well for Trump. It can work for you too.

You'll just have to know that the intelligent people on the web know a made from whole cloth story when they hear it. Your appeal to authority ("one of the Top Five Surgeons in the World") is a dead giveaway that your story is BS.

Also, since we know you buy into all the crap about vaccines, you're already damaged goods. But like I said, keep on telling 'em. It worked for Trump, and it could work for you as well.

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