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August 13, 2021


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One of the best ideas I've seen today. Make the vaccine card necessary for admission to a hospital bed and then we'll see how smart the anti-vaxxers are.

(For Jann, legitimate medical excuses -- provide doctor's note instead of vaxx card -- and under 12 exempted)

Stumpie....thank you, unfortunately it'll never happen.

Let's make a deal- If you chose to smoke, eat junk food, consume large amounts of sugar, and/or drink too much alcohol because you don't trust the science, then you can't go to the hospital when you get sick and ask the science to save your life. Deal?

A friend is currently in the hospital with kidney failure from the "Simple Shot". He survived, thank goodness, but barely. Usually the organ failure caused by the shot is not that forgiving, so he got lucky.

His mountains of medical bills will of course be his own responsibility, not that of BigPharm or the government. But we have millions of taxpayer dollars to give away in "vaccine lotteries".

Won't that keep a good deal of medical professionals from going to work if you enforce this plan? Also,according to recent stats it would keep a good deal of minority folks out of the hospital.

I forgot the link. Didn't you run something from New York earlier this week on Covid?


That's really interesting BK, you have a friend with the only known case of vaccine-caused kidney failure. Especially interesting is that according to WebMD, research suggests that up to half of people hospitalized with COVID-19 suffer an acute kidney injury. So, that's research figures that show half of the hospitalized suffer kidney damage compared to your anecdotal story about one person suffering vaccine-induced kidney failure. Boy! What a conundrum. Who to believe?

You might be interested to know, but probably not, that I suffered kidney failure to the point where I was expected to die. That I lived was something of a miracle according to my MDs, RNs, and health professionals. Since I still have impaired kidney function -- GFR around 30 -- I was worried about whether I should get the "simple shot." So, I did the research. The National Kidney Foundation says no problem, get the jab.

Now, moving on to Phillip, who -- if it's possible -- is actually more misinformed. I really shouldn't even deal with his ignorance since he posted a link to Zero Hedge, one of the worst of the lying RWNJ websites. He clearly will go with his personal brand of ignorance before letting the facts get in his way.

One of the alt-right's favorite claims is that minorities aren't getting vaccinated. Of course, that's a lie. The actual fact is that more often it's you alt-right buffoons who are refusing to be vaccinated. This is even more true if you watch Faux Noiz, Newsmax, or OANN. It almost goes off the board for Q adherents. (Data from the Public Religion Research Institute and Kaiser Family Foundation)

And, no it won't keep people off the job. Hospitals have plenty of work to do, but they've had to put much of it aside because all the beds are being filled up by ignorant vaccine refusers who are fortunately dying. That's right, you dumbass right-wingers are killing your own voters.

So, try again Phillip. Remember, You Can't Fix Stupid.

Thank you, Joel... I am not against the vax, just for myself, although I have started to contemplate, weigh the good vs the bad....

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