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August 25, 2021


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These are basically the same science deniers who are refusing to take the vaccine. For some reason, they believe there's nothing wrong with putting everyone in danger so they can continue their dirty lifestyles or fill a room with the Covid bug.

I say screw 'em all and I hope they die.

For Jann:
I believe you have said that you are worried about taking the jab because of asthma. Asthmatics aren't having any more problems with the vaccine than anyone else. People with asthma who contract Covid are doing worse with it than people without it.

Please ban Joel for being a complete asshat. :)

Joel, asthma is part of my concern, yes, but it smacks of Orwellian Big Brother, for the government to demand that people will do this, wont do that. Ive seen people who have gotten stuck have worse reactions to covid than those who have not. I am on the fence currently, and hating the whole mess. Maybe they should try finding houseless people, not the druggies who like it, places to live, if they get the jab. Guaranteed places. There are certainly enough out there going to hell.. places, that is.

I have no idea who this asswipe Chris is, but I've been here posting since close to the beginning. This is the first post I've seen from Chris.

Chris should do his patriotic duty to Trump and die of Covid or in a forest fire, tornado, or hurricane. I couldn't care less how, but it is clear that his life is not necessary for the continuation of the species.

Jann...I have yet to see the government demand that anyone get a shot, other than government employees. Suggest, yes. Demand, no.

Everyone I know has had their shots, I'm talking about several dizen people here. Other than some brief post-vaccination melancholy, none has suffered any deleterious side effects.

As to housing the houseless in exchange for vaccinations, I doubt it would work. Too many of them don't want to live by the rules of proper housing. I mean here, not throwing their garbage out the front door and letting it pile up or taking a dump wherever they please. The city has offered indoor locations with restroom and shower facilities and has been turned down. For those who truly want to improve their lives, sure, do it.

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