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August 02, 2021


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If Floridians agree with their governor, then yes, they are as stupid as they come.

Un.Freaking.Real. And screw Green Day and the concert promoters, who obviously care more about money than their fans' safety.

But hey, keep blaming us who did not get the "jab" for the continuing nightmare. And be sure and tell us why, with your non-medical background and absolutely no clue about my medical history, you feel you have the right to tell me why my doctor and I are wrong in our decision for me to abstain. Nothing I love more than strangers pushing drugs on me! It's like an after school special, only the drug dealers are somehow the good guys now.

In the meantime, we'll keep eating healthy, supporting our immune systems, staying away from others, and wearing our masks.

BK, I couldn't care less about you, but I do care about people who are trying to make a decision and have to listen to all the erroneous information you and the Trumpers keep blasting out.

So, I'll keep on posting the truth. You know, things like anti-vaxxers are the biggest bunch of buffoons there is and they're the sole reason we still have a pandemic to worry about. At least now it's the pandemic of the unvaccinated.

A new poll published by Axios pretty much tells us everything we need to know. The poll called "The Blame Game" asked people who's to blame for the increase in Covid-19: https://www.axios.com/axios-ipsos-poll-blame-game-coronavirus-47dfa062-c2c5-4e66-b70b-30cc94361d92.html

Check who the unvaccinated blame. Travelers and the mainstream media. Pitiful.

Joel, I take offence to that, I am FAR from a Dump fan, I am too smart for that, but I also choose not to get the vax. I have too many chemicals in my body already, and I dont trust it. This is based on my own opinion, what Ive read, sen, and lived around. And I am in a care facility. We just had one exposure, positive, the 24th, staff, and nothing for awhile. I blame Faux News, etc. Not travellers, or others. If its gonna getcha, it will.

Jann, living in a care facility you're damned lucky you didn't get Covid. That's where the virus first struck. I had my shots clear back when it was still cold and rainy. Other than a sore arm and a blah feeling the days after, no side effects.

You've said you had a medical condition that augured against getting vaccinated. That, and being under 12, are the only good reasons for not getting vaxxed. Otherwise, you're threatening the rest of humanity and stopping the world from being rid of the virus.

The only chemical in the Moderna/Pfizer vaccine is polyethylene glycol. Unless you're allergic to PEG, there should be no problem.

Of course, Florida hosted this superspreader. You'd figure it would be either it or Texas wouldn't you?

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