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September 26, 2021


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I use two types of insulin. I wish that I could get it as cheap as $98. A 100 ml pen is $593 for one type and $454 for the other. A pen is an automatic form of hypodermic and is equal to a vial of insulin.

Per www.payscale.com:
Average wage Detroit, MI - 72k a year.
Average wage Windsor, Ontario - $47,288.

It doesn't quite make up the difference George. The Detroit average wage is half again higher. Insulin is eight times more. That's still quite the disparity. And good luck finding insulin for $100 a vial or pen.

Yet they still flock across the border like their namesake geese for medical care. Wonder why?

Gee, and what were the odds you'd reply to my comment, which I'm entitled to make, like anyone else.
Don't do that anymore!!

Gee whiz, I too am entitled to comment, and I'm also entitled to point out when you're wrong.

George D, if you cannot accept others responding to your comments, then simply dont post. I comment on almost everything, but dont post 99.4 % or so of them, many would be offensive to the foulest. As for Windsor, Ontario, Id be willing to bet their cost of living isnt as horrendous as ours, and they have much better policing, city council, etc.

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