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September 23, 2021


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Too many of these people enjoy living this "lifestyle." That's their business, but why the Hell do they think it's okay to impose their lifestyle on the rest of us. We aren't interested in their garbage piles or their shit on the sidewalk.

The city should go in with front-end loaders and scoop up their tents and cart them off to the dump. Give them an hour warning so they can pack out any personal items they want to keep then scoop them up.

I was listening to the tv news the other day, a woman said a phrase for "homeless", guess she thought sounded kinder, it was so odd I can't remember what it was. Did anyone out there hear the same thing? It was un-home, or non-home, just another label for the same problem!

GBart, maybe 'Houseless'? Ive heard that a bit.. the city is overrun with foreclosed properties going to rot, why not let these people, not the drunks/druggies who like that bs, move in, and care for the places> Families need a stable place for the kids to go to school, this would be a start. When I was out there for a year, I would have jumped at a chance!

Houseless? I guess the idea is that they have a home, it just happens to be a tarp on a downtown sidewalk.

Yes, thanks Jann M and Joel - that was it, Houseless. Even tiny homes would be good, but then there has to be vacant land, water/sewer.
There has to be some sort of solution to all this?

GBart, I still think all of the foreclosed, going to rot, homes should be set up for families, working but on the streets people, and aall, to stay in. I couldnt care much less about the drunks and druggies who choose to be out there, they cant be bothered to care about self, all they want is to be shitfaced and high, let 'em rot out there. But there are many who are out on the streets because of circumstances, and rents are to damn high. Portland, the city that works.... hard at not caring, if you arent from Cali, with big bucks.

GBart, the big problem is all the people who, for some reason or other, enjoy living under plastic tarps and in cardboard boxes on the street. My kid lives in Seattle and his house is just down the street from one of the city's largest homeless camps. He talks to the people who are living there and a lot of them wouldn't have it any other way.

The camp is part of Seattle's remediation to get the tents off the street, but the people who live there would be living on the street if not for the camp. Just the same, my son has to put up with used needles in the street outside his home and people who walk the block down the street and defecate on his driveway.

Frankly, I don't understand why taxpayers should put up with having to dodge garbage piles on the sidewalk, the smells, and the officious nature of the people who are living on the street. They seem to think they have a right to be there and they don't.

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