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September 26, 2021


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I have no recollection of this stuff. When did it sell? Was it sold in Portland? I remember Kool-Aid in the big bags that included sugar, also Fizzies, but not this stuff.

I vaguely recall this, dont remember here or in Pasco. I also loved the flavour straws we would buy, put one in your milk, and your milk tasted like the straws flavour.

This drink must have been a flop in PDX, but it was advertised 1 time each by Fred Meyer, Tradewell & Pay N Save from late July 1965 until the 3rd week of August 1965. A 12oz. bottle at Freddy's was .33 Tradewell .25 and Pay N Save .19

Tang, Kool-Aid and frozen lemonade is about all I drank as a kid. Don't remember Keen either. The mix I miss is Portland Punch, syrup that you mixed with water, it was really tasty.

Yeah, I remember flavor straws, Jann. Weren't they known as Magic Straws or some such? At first, I thought you were talking about Pixie Sticks.

I never thought the flavor straws worked that well. They had a stick of flavor in them, and the flavor was supposed to mix with the milk as you sucked it up through the straw. When I tried them, most of the flavor stayed in the straw.

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