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September 06, 2021


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Who is the woman next to Fred Astaire, is that Lauren Bacall? Then the fellow between Katherine Hepburn and Judy Garland, can't identify...

Why, the great Al Hirschfeld! I've got a great big book of his work. We Boomers can put a name to every single face.

The caricaturist Al Hirschfeld who created this 1975 MDA telethon ad that was published in the NY Times of stars that were to be on the TV broadcast also had a hidden message.
Al Hirschfeld started hiding the name of his daughter (NINA) who was born in 1945 in his drawings for many years. The name was always in capitol letters, and very hard to find often appearing to be strands of hair. Hirschfeld would have more than one NINA in some drawing, but after signing his work he would leave a number after his name with with how many NiNA's were in the drawing.

I only found one NINA in this drawing. At the top right corner the woman has NINA on the very edge of the drawing in her hair.

Naming the artist isn't such a big deal. His name is in the last line of the ad copy.

The late, fantastic Al Hirschfeld!!! I see our DG is also a fan... I make it a practice to hunt on each picture until I find each and every NINA in there. Obsessive, yes.. I also like the Dan Piraro comics in the paper.. got some talent, but there will never be another Hirschfeld!!!!!

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