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September 21, 2021


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Saw my first live show here - All About Eve, with Don Ameche and Anne B. Davis! Also saw my first concert here after it was turned into a rock venue - Tony Joe White and Cheech and Chong!

In 1943 at the age nine (damn , I'm getting old !)
saw This is the Army . Irving Berlin musical with
World War II songs. Even Ronald Reagan was in it.
We were damn patriotic nation during those years.
NO LONGER TRUE. Sorry about that.

Don Ameche and Ann B Davis, wow! He was quite the handsome man! And then Cheech n Chong!!!!Double wow!!Envy!! And yes, Sam, we are not the patriotic country we used to be, my dad and uncles are probably glad theyre gone.. all WWII vets. one uncle was at the Battle of the Bulge, dad was in the !st Eighth Air Force, till the '90 day wonders; arrived, and the originals, whod earned accolades, got bumped to Ninth AF.

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