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September 26, 2021


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"Quiet Trucks"? Except for the brakes. We always knew the milkman was in the neighborhood because you'd hear the brakes on the truck squealing at every stop and every stop was virtually every house.

I can remember when the neighborhood kids would all chase down the trucks to get a piece of ice from the driver. What a treat, huh?

I need one of those old church keys!!!

I remember the clink-clank of the bottles in the wire racks. We had delivery for a short while, then my Mom decided to buy dairy products at the store. Preferred to buy Aplenrose products as much as possible.

In the Hollywood area it was Fairview Farms for us. My sister and I got to pay the monthly bill by walking to NE52/Sacramento and entering the office.

They delivered to us! And Alpenrose Dairy was the destination of the first school field trip I ever went on - and the third, and the fifth, too. That place was spic and span, let me tell you. The guide would dress in a 'Swiss Miss' outfit and lead us around.

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