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September 15, 2021


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My first "real" job was delivering the afternoon Journal in our Oak Grove neighborhood. It was a "bicycle route" and I shared it with my brother so that we could alternate days. For never missing a day for a year, we won a day trip to Timberline Lodge. That was back in 1970, or maybe '71. What an outing for a couple of 10 or 11 year old kids! Great memories!

The Oregonian pm edition didn't last long. All part of dwindling competiition ushered in during the Reagan era which thought monopolies, de-regulation, and conglomeration would energize the economy even more. Instead, it increased income inequality, threw more people out of work and reduced the artistic and creative vitality of our country.

Sure, and the Internet played no role in it. And ignore the fact that the distribution of newspapers in Portland and Oregon was already on the decline and had been for a couple of decades.

I maintain that people always get exactly what they want. What they want is a laundered version of the news. Fox or MSNBC. The Daily Kos or Breitbart. You can pick your Facebook friends so that no one is shoving any opposition propaganda down your throat.

It's the same thing with the palatial theatres being torn down on Broadway downtown. There's no need for them any longer, but Portland needs more office space and housing. The same goes for the demise of Alpenrose.

There's nothing ideological about it. It's the world changing and there's little one person can do about it.

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