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October 12, 2021


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We lost an apricot tree in our yard, it fell across the fence, and did some damage to our neighbours' bedroom..we had PGE, they had PPL, and my sister was just 5 months old, so we spent a lot of time next door.

No damage at our house, even our large grape arbor made it ok. Neighbor lost their brick chimney. No trees lost around us, but Mt. Tabor Park lost many.
Just a kid at the time, remember watching the extreme amount of dirt, dust & debris blowing sideways and the sound of a train coming thru our home. Even now when it's windy, instant recall of that sound.

Forgot to ask, in the news they said Hurricane, but it was a typhoon right?

I remember the Columbus Day storm because I was working at Montgomery Ward, the one on Vaughn street. It was really scary because some of the windows were blown out. I was in the catalog sales department. Then when it came time to go home it was really something. I lived in Parkrose and I rode the bus. It took quite awhile to get home because of all the mess on the roads.

GBart.I believe the names hurricane, typhoon, tornado, and cyclone are interchangeable, depending on the area. Guaranteed it was a 'damn big assed wind'.

Hurricanes and typhoons are the same thing. It used to be that a hurricane was in the Atlantic and a typhoon in the Pacific, but that slowly changed, Now the term is slowly changing to call all such storms tropical cyclones.

Tornadoes are a much different type of storm. Tropical cyclones form over water and travel great distances. The storms that hit the SE United States and the Caribbean typically form on the Africa side of the Atlantic and travel across.

Tornadoes form in the clouds and touch down on land. A tornado usually touches down for a brief period lasting from a few seconds to an hour, typically for about ten minutes. Usually, a tornado will travel only about five miles on the ground. Tornadoes can also occur in groups of several storms while hurricanes are sole storms.

I remember in Vista Hills we lost power for a week and we also lost 7 trees! I couldn't wash my hair, so I just "ratted it" and sprayed Hairspray on it for a week, needless to say when the power came back on I couldn't put a comb or brush through my hair and had to have cut very, very short!! Learned a good lesson from that!

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