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October 14, 2021


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There were 2 local stores both of which have been torn down. SE 82 & Division the current site of PCC and 4400 Block of SW 110th Beaverton the current location of Home Depot.

I can't remember the entire history of the Bazar Beaverton location. Too many years ago. The building housed other stores in addition to Bazar, but what they were escapes me.

Before the building was torn down to make way for Home Depot the Beaverton Montgomery Ward store occupied the entire building, except for the portion where Chuck E Cheese was located. They built a separate stand-alone store for Chuck E Cheese when the Montgomery Ward was demolished.

The only thing I remember about Bazar is that there was a guy who worked there who sold beer out the back door to underage kids and my beer drinking buddies used to visit often. Not being a beer drinker, that's about all I know. I don't recall ever having been in the place.

Looking back at old newspaper ads Bazar was owned by Big C stores and was a discount department store & grocery store with ads saying the sold 101,000 items, such as electronics, cameras, clothing, tools, fabric, appliance both large and small etc. The store on 82nd Division opened in the late fall of 1961, and the Beaverton location open in September 1966. By today's standards the store hours were rather short.

For the first year the hours were M-F 12 noon until 9pm
Sat- 9am until 6pm
Sun 12 noon until 5pm
For the second year they added 1 hr to the opening and closing time on Sat & Sun.

I didn't check but I would bet they were closed on all holiday's

Mom used to work in the credit dept of Beaverton Wards..

I kind of thought that Bazar had been more than a grocery store. Big C had stores under several names. They started out as Columbia Markets, then rebranded to Big C. They also had Ceba stores. Big C was, at one time, a major player in Portland groceries. I have no idea what became of them.

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