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October 19, 2021


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I miss the lunch counter.

I so miss the lunch counter there. People watching over a grilled cheese was the best show in town.

The lunch counter was "the" place, now it would be called retro or old fashioned but then that was Newberry's. Enjoyed the people watching too.

One of the best spots downtown!

I once read that our downtown Portland store was the very last Newberrys to be open; they lasted until sometime in the 80's.

In the 70's I used to shop for Christmas gifts there, last minute, literally, and it was always a fun time. Loved the pet store in the basement.

The last Newberry's in Oregon was at Lloyd Center and it closed in April 2001 and after 69 years the downtown Newberry's closed in January 1996.

Thanks, DG.

But was it the last of all the Newberry's?

Daniel my previous comments on the closing of the Portland Newberry's stores were from Oregonian archives from late 1995 and January 1996 for the downtown store, and April 2001 when the Lloyd Center store closed.

AP News (Associated Press) has a story online from October 1, 2018 titled "Then and Now: J. J. Newberry Store" with the last words in the story being "The last Newberry store, in Portland, closed in 2001" so your recollection that the last store was in Portland looks to be correct, but was was not the downtown store.

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