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October 27, 2021


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I always liked Hollywood better than Blockbuster. My local Blockbuster was always trying to claim late charges when the return was timely.

Speaking of Hollywood, whatever became of that huge house on a promontory on the Willamette the owner of Hollywood was building. Last I knew, it had been about half completed and the construction stopped. Anyone know what happened?

Oregonlive has a story from January 2021 that Mark Wattles unfinished mansion in West Linn after 24 years was listed for $4,000,000.

Looking at it on Google Earth, it doesn't seem to be in the greatest shape. There's no driveway, only a dirt path, boards lying all over the ground, and the roof looks to be in horrible condition.

I looked it up on RMLS and it's scheduled for auction on Saturday the 30th. The reserve price is $3.25 million, and I'd guess they'll have trouble getting that. Mark Wattles and his family moved to Las Vegas and sold the house in 2018 for $2.27 million to the owner of Rick's Fencing. He's now trying to unload the property.

The house has 52,000 square feet and the estimated finished price is $38 million. I can only think of a couple of people in the Portland area who have the kind of money necessary to afford a property that expensive and none who need 52,000 square feet.

There are 11 bedrooms and only 9.5 baths, meaning that every bedroom doesn't have its own en suite bath. At 52,000 square feet, that's a big mistake. You'll also want to own a fleet -- around 50 -- of cars to fill the cavernous garage and since there's a huge gym and full-size basketball court, you also should be an exercise nut.

The RMLS listing has 29 "photos," which are in reality renderings and really poor renderings. I'll assume that they don't want to show what a mess the place is.

There're 32 acres connected to the home and the current owner is pushing the property as a Tuscan villa and winery. Maybe it could be a teardown and the acreage could be subdivided. That's about the only thing that makes sense to me.

Should concentrate on this pit, and leave Alpenrose alone!

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