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November 22, 2021


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Disgusting. There are numerous jobs available. Give these people a choice, either become a functioning member of society or a 6 x 9 room at the graybar hotel. They have set up housekeeping on land they don't own, that's called trespassing, it's a crime.

Yep, that pretty much says it all!
Plus, piles and piles upon piles of waste and garbage!

Isn't that in violation of the flood plain ordinance?

Not everyone who is homeless, or houseless, chooses to be that way. I was there once. Rents are so ridiculously high, seniors and lower income people have to choose between eating ad having a roof over their head. SSI is just a shade below 800.00 a month. Rents are well above that.

Jann, unless you're so infirm that you simply cannot work, there's no excuse for living under a tarp, next to a pile of your garbage, along the side of the road. If you are so infirm that working isn't an option, then there's probably a government program that will take care of you.

Employers are searching for people to work for them. People who normally would be fired aren't being fired. Businesses are hiring and training unqualified individuals because it's the only way to fill positions.

I'm 72 and legally blind. I run a business out of my bedroom. I'm convinced that anyone who wants to can do the same. All it takes is a computer, tablet, or even a phone. If you don't have any of those, try the library. There's a whole new world online for those who are willing to learn how to use it.

Joel, just out of curiosity what is it that you do out of your bedroom, and how long have you been doing it, etc. Are you making decent money, do you enjoy it?

Carrie...I want to respect Dave's no ads policy here, so I'll be obtuse and just say I have a few websites that deal with subjects that interest me. I review products related to those subjects (that I have used) and receive commissions for products purchased through my websites. I also sell numerous products related to home decor.

What I'm doing now I've done for four or five years. Decent money is subjective, it depends on what you consider decent money. If you want to work full time -- I'm talking about 40+ hours a week -- you can make excellent money.

I know some younger people who have made what I'm doing their jobs. One gal who's 27 (I think) makes around a million bucks a year working, like me, by herself from her home. A guy I know started out as a solopreneur and now has several people working for him. His company pulls in about three million a year, but he pays at least a million in salaries. No. I don't make that kind of money, but I don't work as hard as they do.

I started doing this because I found retirement boring. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it.

Joel, when I went homeless, because of an eviction, I was 49, on SSI for disabilities, and I camped of a sort on a street corner where there was an old bus bench, a block from MAX. I kept the area clean, didnt make a mess, or an ass of myself, and tried to be a decent person. I ended up staying at my mothers, on her rear deck, till I got into a shelter, and then got an SRO place. But rents are so horrendous, its hard to afford a place. When I leave the care faacility, Ill have to have low income housing.

Jann, I know you have a computer. Believe me, that's all you need. But what are you interested in? What are your hobbies? Do you have a hobby that you really enjoy and have become good at? Think about what that is.

Then you'll need to get a web hosting plan and a domain name. This will be your only cost. It'll be around $50 to $60 for the first year. I recommend A2 or InMotion for the hosting and Namecheap for the domain name. Don't use GoDaddy unless you want to help pay for its expensive advertising.

With your web host you get WordPress and WooCommerce included. Go on YouTube and there are numerous tutorials on how to build a website with these programs. Stick to the videos that are less than a year old. Things change quickly on the Web.

Then learn to use Pinterest and Instagram to promote your website. These are both free. Tutorials again on YouTube. You can also try TikTok although I personally think it sucks.

Search for how to make money at home online. Just stay away from anything claiming you can make $39,819.27 a month online in just 90 days. Those are pure bullshit. You can learn to do all of these things on YouTube. You can be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Do you have some kind of craft project? You can sell it on Etsy. Maybe you're into cross-stitch and like to create patterns. You can sell them on Etsy in a printable format. People pay you (you'll need to have a free PayPal business account) and then they get a download of the pattern.

You won't make a lot right away. The first month that you make a couple of bucks, you'll probably make a couple of bucks. But the next month you'll make a little more, and the next month a bit more. Unless you're lucky, you won't make a lot in your first year. But if you do it right you should be able to say goodbye to low-income housing by the end of year two.

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