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November 18, 2021


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There are several people who you have to wonder why they still have a job. How about "Special Prosecutor" John Durham? His job was to find slights against Trump. Basically, he has done nothing other than take a paycheck. Of course, finding slights against Trump is an impossible task in the first place. It's tough to slight a criminal.

Then there's Merrick Garland, who although a Biden appointee, doesn't seem to understand that his job is to prosecute crimes against the United States. Ten months in and he hasn't done a thing about throwing Trump in jail. Either he should get on with it or admit he doesn't have the cojones for the job and quit.

YES THIS JERK MUST BE REMOVED. Mail delivery at my home is unreliable, and shows up any where from 9:30 am to as late as just before 8 pm.

The US Post Office has a free service called "Informed Delivery" that will Email you an image of your First Class mail to be delivered to your home on that day. If you are expecting something important it is very useful, and could help you detect mail theft. This service predates Louis De Joy so I expect him to kill it.

The decision actually isn't Biden's. It belongs to the Postal Board, which is appointed by the president. Biden will almost certainly allow the term of the chairman, Ron Bloom, to expire in December. Bloom is a major ally of DeJoy, so that casts doubt on his future as Postmaster General.

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