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December 06, 2021


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Did anyone listen to KPOJ? I suppose Klinger had a few listeners for his midday gabfest, but otherwise, I couldn't tell you who worked there. I knew that Anders had worked at 1330, but only because I'd seen it published somewhere.

I worked in radio and tried to make it a practice to know what was happening at all the stations. I think I had a better handle on KPDQ than KPOJ.

Dick Novak, King of the Mountain evenings on what he would sometimes call "KPOJoyful" or "KPOGeorge"...Mark Allen did middays for awhile. Keith Allen spent some time there...And who could forget Bill Anderson calling the play-by-play for Buckaroo Hockey?

Absolutely. Home of the Buckaroos for about 15 years.

I remember Dick Novak when he did Rhythm Room from Amato's, but that was when I was a kid. The Journal published Dick Novak's top 30 every Monday. Mark Allen, I knew because of the Mark Allen Players. I never knew he did radio.

He did have a voice, and face, for radio... and fewer people to suffer him.

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