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January 20, 2022


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The Kenworth buses shown in the photo were new in 1947. This can't be any later than 1948 or there would be some Studebakers, Kaisers, or other post-war-style cars in the photo.

My family moved near Hollywood in 1957 and I remember the Fred Meyer, the 7-up bottling building on the far left (which was originally a dairy), the YMCA, and the Sherwin-Williams paint store, but there is not much else in the photo that I recognize.

When did &Up move closer to Benson HS, from this location?

Jann google Steigerwald dairy for the history of the building. Portland bottling who made 7 Up built their plant in 1941 at 1321 NE Couch, and did not bottle at 37th and Sandy, but just advertised on the building.

News archived stories on the building of the new Portland Bottling plant at 1271 NE Couch, indicate that the company that started in 1924 was located at 1271 N Williams ave.

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