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January 11, 2022


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It doesn't look like this any longer. It's painted in a monotone brick color (even the eight-ball bottle stopper is brick-colored) and the weeds are growing all around the parking lot. It also isn't called the Sandy Jug. It's now Pirate's Cove.

It was built in 1928 as a tire shop. My question: When it was built was it in the shape of a jug? The jug thing seems more suited to the tavern it has been for the past several decades than a tire shop. Does anyone know if it was originally built in the shape of a jug?

Yes it had the Jug from day one when it opened on August 20, 1928
Here a a few detail from the Oregon Journal on August 5, 1928.

Completion of a unique service station for humans beings and automobiles on the block between 74th & 75th on the north side of Sandy Blvd. to be known as " THE GUSHER" ---- a filling station for motor cars in addition to having a refreshment stand for patrons. An oil derrick 80 feet high is being erected as the central piece of the station. The refreshment stand will be shaped like a huge jug

I'm quite certain the Sandy Jug has always had a "jug" looking portion to the structure. As noted, it opened in 1928 and is still operating. Although I'd say it definitely looks the worse for wear.

I'm fairly certain at one point (1950's/1960's or so) it was owned by legendary Grant High basketball coach Ed Rooney. That always seemed a little out of character. But what the hell, my oldest uncle, a very fine citizen of Portland, owned the tavern on NE Glisan now known as A & L Sports Bar.

Bill, not all taverns were owned/operated by lower level individuals ...our beloved former Mayor, Bud Clark, of the Goose Hollow Inn?

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