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January 21, 2022


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Sam's in Hollywood is a great place to play pool and they have good food too! At least, I hope it's still there, haven't stopped for awhile.

Thats RACK em up, kid.. and Jonny Lang does a very god song by that name.. Rack Em Up.

Yes, Sam's is still in operation.

As a kid, I played at a place in Beaverton called the Cue and Cushion. It was very unlike the pool halls of old, but still very suspect amongst the local parents. Moms and dads told their children that if they must shoot pool, they should go to Sunset Lanes and play in the open pool area.

I worked at Nordstrom's (the old one before they built the new one across the street) so Wayne's was handy to shoot some pool after work. In looking back I remember there was a player from Seattle, Jimmy Spears, whose nickname was "Flyboy" because he would fly down for BIG MONEY games at Wayne's. Some of those games could last a couple of days! It reminded me of Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason in "The Hustler"! Now today one of my APA Pool Leaue teams plays out of Sam's on Tuesday nights! Great food for a reasonable price and the best tables of anywhere my teams play.

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