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May 08, 2022


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Not a lot of info on the Byron Hotel. It was torn down in the early 1960's for the new Hilton Hotel. Looks to have been mainly a residential hotel, and also served people traveling. Classified ads placed by residents looking to selling something, or hire someone, like the man who wanted to hire 4 women to work as solicitor and paying them $4-$5 per day, or the man who kidnapped his estranged wife and held her hostage in the hotel. There was one other interesting story from 1913 about what happened at the Byron Hotel.

Oregonian January 2, 1913

Son of Chocolate Magnate Is Suicide

Despondent over a Christmas and New Years spent away from home of his father, D. Ghirardelli, millionaire chocolate packer of San Francisco, Edwin "Sid" Ghirardelli, exiled son age 23 years, sometime within the last three days committed suicide in his room in the Byron Hotel, 210 Seventh (Broadway) street. The body was found last night and removed to the morgue, while inquires are being sent to San Francisco. Cyanide was the cause of death.
Correspondence scanned by the coroner in hope of establishing a motive for the suicide stated that the young man had been sent from home after several business failures and other adventures and ordered to stay in Portland after he expressed the wish to return to is home at 3000 California Avenue for the Christmas holidays.

The Oregon Journal wrote of a letter found in his sons pocket from his father.

"I am sending this check" he wrote in conclusion, "relying on your solemn promise that you will use it for your legitimate purposes. You will thus see that I have once more placed my faith on you"

"If you deceive me it will be for the last time" The letter was written on December 15, in answer to one from the young man. What police learned yesterday led them to believe that the young man, yielding again to temptation, spent his money with convivial companions and then in remorse killed himself.

I wonder what looks like a tank truck on the left is doing.

Cyanide poisoning.. one really nasty way to go.

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