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May 23, 2022


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Bottom row on right, second one in....Cagney?

Cagney is in here, Carole Lombard should be, but her plane crashed, killing everyone aboard, sending Gable into a tailspin. One guy looks rather like Al Jolson.

This photo cuts off celebrities on the ends, but if you enter "Hollywood Victory Caravan" on Wikipedia they have a better photo with names and positions of the celebrities in this April 30, 1942 photo. Just click on the photo to identify each person.

Lee, yes, of the two gentlemen in front right, that is Jim Cagney. Clark Gable was classified too old to enlist, so he signed up, and requested the most dangerous job he could get, all in his grief over his wifes death. Her mother and agent both told her they had bad feelings about the flight, but Carole wanted to get home to her Pa. The searchers found one mangle earring that they gave to Gable, he had given the pair to Carole before she left on the caravan, and that was all that was ever found of her. Ive heard there are still pieces of the plane popping up at the site today. May they all be reunited, and in peace.

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