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May 27, 2022


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Hardly the "FIRST" of anything. The first of Portland's bridges was the Morrison street bridge in 1887. The current Morrison is the third bridge on that site. The first of three Hawthorne bridges was built in 1891. It burned down (made of wood) and was replaced by another wooden structure which was damaged by log flows and declared unsafe. The third Hawthorne bridge was constructed of steel in 1910 and is currently the oldest bridge for regular traffic use in Portland. There are two railroad-only bridges that are a couple of years older. The Hawthorne is the oldest of Portlands vehicular bridges but not the "FIRST" of anything. Sorry!

Meaning there were 2 Hawthorne Bridges

There were THREE and the one in the picture was LAST. I thought my comment was clear.

Wasn’t it the Madison St Bridge ?

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