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May 25, 2022


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The bastard deserved the Green Mile chair, with the dry sponge.

Nor should we be!

We have only ourselves to blame.

There's only one country in the free world where this kind of utter bullshit happens. And it isn't just the killing of 19 kids in Uvalde, Texas. There was a gun killing in Gresham last night. Almost every morning the local news reports on another gun killing or two and more gun violence.

I remember arguing for stronger gun control when I was in high school. I graduated 55 years ago. Today, there is no stronger gun control than there was then.

Meanwhile, you have assholes like Cruz and Abbott grieving the loss of children, but saying there's nothing we can do about it, refusing to answer why the US is the only place this kind of tragedy occurs. There are dunderheads like Megyn Kelly podcasting about how no law could have prevented the kid from buying two assault rifles.

There have been eight mass killings with guns in Texas in the past decade. But even with this kind of crap, Abbott and Patrick and the rest of the state's elected have done nothing. But even here in Navy Blue Oregon, what have they done?

It's time for Congress to pass common-sense gun control. I suggest they look strongly at Great Britain's gun control measures as their model.

America. Land of the aggrieved, home of the insane.

I would like to ask a question, and have a civilized conversation concerning said question...

My question: "What is/are "common-sense gun control laws"?

Think about this for a few minutes...

While I have not been able to pin down an accurate number, according to all that I have read, there are currently more than 3,000 gun laws in the US. And I think this is a very conservative number.

I ask this because over the years I have read many articles, watched many news topics, and talked to many, many people about gun laws. And when I ask this question I have never gotten a good answer.

So, what additional laws are we going to implement, and hope to enforce, when our local/state/federal law enforcement agencies can not seem to enforce the already thousands of laws currently in place.

I am ALL FOR finding a way to stop this from happening again. But wonder where the blame truly lies, and if additional laws are the answer.

Again, if you can't answer this with a civil, non emotional answer, then please do not answer.


On March 13, 1996, a defrocked Boy Scout leader named Thomas Hamilton entered the primary school in the little town of Dunblane, Scotland, and killed 17, mostly five and six year olds in the school gym. EIGHT DAYS LATER Parliament convened a hearing chaired by Lord Douglas Cullen.

In his report, Lord Cullen wrote that the safety of the public could be better ensured by focusing efforts on the sale and availability of guns, rather than on the fitness of a potential buyer. He wrote, "On this ground alone [mental illness] it is insufficient protection for the public merely to tackle the individual rather than the gun."

The result was a complete ban on handguns to go with the existing ban on semi-automatic weapons -- magazines can hold a maximum of two bullets. The British laws are complex, with numerous exceptions for things like collectors of memorabilia and elite shooting clubs, but only five mass shootings have occurred in Great Britain in the past half-century.

It seems to me that's a number the US should try to emulate.

I have had hundreds of conversations with individuals from Ireland, Britain, Germany, France, Australia and numerous other nations - all with stringent gun laws. And every single person has told me not to believe what we, Americans, hear on our news about how crime has gone down in their countries due to the passing of the gun laws.

They all have ensured me that people still hurt people and that people are still murdered. Now they are stabbed or beaten to death. And in their countries criminals are still able to obtain guns through illegal channels. They all have also said that they now feel less protected due to not having a gun to protect themselves.

Also, every single one of them, in one way or another, have said to never allow what happened to them in their countries happen to us in this country. That tells me a lot.

A gun is an inanimate object. A loaded gun lying on a table will remain there for eternity until picked up by a human.

Removing guns, or prohibiting the ownership of guns, from mentally sound individuals is not the answer. Eliminating the Second Amendment is not the answer. Limiting the number of rounds a magazine will hold is not the answer.

I do support making 'bump-stocks' illegal. I do support setting the age that a person can purchase a weapon to twenty-one years old. I do support "Red Flag" laws...as long as there is indisputable proof the individual is a danger. I would consider these type laws worthy of discussion.

Odd. I have friends all over the world and what I hear from them is, "Why do we let this keep happening?" No other country in the free world experiences anywhere near the number of gun deaths as the US. Not one.

I've heard the argument before that if people can't use guns, they'll just beat or stab their victims. Check the stats. It doesn't happen. And when was the last time you heard about a drive-by beating or stabbing?

Do you think that the Uvalde shooter could have invaded the school and beaten 21 people to death? How about the Buffalo shooter? Could he have killed ten and wounded 17 without a gun? Would the El Paso Walmart killer have just stabbed 23 people to death in the parking lot?

I'm sorry, but the beating or stabbing argument doesn't wash.

10 shooting incidents in Portland from just after midnight Friday morning to just after midnight Saturday morning. One dead, three critically injured, and one 62-year-old woman shot in her bed as she slept.

Joel ; Hardesty & Tina Kotex want to defund police & replace with hipsters with clipboards that took a psychology class at Community College. Sold my house and moving to Arizona

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