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June 17, 2022


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I thought the Cadonau family had already sold the property to a land developer and planning was underway. What happened to that proposal?

Thats the greedy asses who shouldnt have had a say n anythibg other than their own funerals.

Over many years I heard a lot about the Alpenrose Dairyland and how nice it was. I regret never going to see it and taking my children and now unfortunately it will never happen.

I don't believe anyone promised to never change Dairyland, or said it will be just like boomers remembered it forever.

Isn't the point that a city should have special places to go locally that make the community better as a whole. Our parents took us to Alpenrose for special days and occasions. Baseball, midget racing,
Dairyland, Christmas town, all in one place. It's called giving back. Very little of that anymore. Its a shame all this is happening all for greed and profits.

I totally agree with Mark!!!

Mark, yes, a city has the responsibility to have special places and special things that make the community better. But Alpenrose was private property, a business that was run by people who enjoyed being civilly responsible.

But as times changed, running a tiny dairy, especially one that had several athletic fields and other free attractions, didn't make good fiscal sense. The land was worth much more for development than as a dairy, and the family decided to sell.

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