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June 24, 2022


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The fireboat David Campbell was named in honor Portland Fire Chief who did in 1911 during the Union Oil fire. The riveted steel hull fireboat pictured here was built at a shipyard in Michigan in 1912, and then disassembled and shipped to Portland where a local shipyard reassembled it and launched on January 1913. The "David Campbell" was renamed "The Chief" after 13 years when a new "David Campbell" was built. In 1927 "The Chief" was sold and started it's remarkable new life. The old fireboat has been modified several times and has worked in Alaska as a Bering Sea crabber. oil tanker, tender, and tow boat on the Columbia river. What is even more remarkable is that after 109 years since it was launched in Portland it appears to still be a working boat in Alaska and is named the "Aleutian Express". The life story of this boat can be found at Aleutianexpress.com

Have to check Deadliest Catch, and see if it hits their lineup ever..

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