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June 30, 2022


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The corvair's problem was in it's suspension, which would cause a deadly loss of control under certain circumstances. The problem was eventually solved and the later models were much improved. Are you thinking of the Ford Pinto? It had a gas tank/filler that would rupture in a rear-end collision, often with a deadly fire. Rear end collision of a Corvair was not much different from any other rear engined car.

The Chevy Corvair had emergency handling problems that may cause it to flip. The Ford Pinto had a problem when they were rear ended that caused the gas tank to burst and burn the car.

Dad had a friend from the rr who loved these cars, and had one in the daylight basement, and another in the yard, he wanted to get them road ready again. Shouldve, then he wouldnt be so interested in buying brand new cars every 2-3 yr, in 100% cash. Couldve left me one, Id have worked on it, and driven it.

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