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July 03, 2022


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I'll take those in front with chives. You can have those with jalapeño.

I wasn’t planning on making deviled eggs today, but now I have to! Those look delicious. Yum.

I believe those are pickle slices, not jalapeños.

I'll still take the chives and leave the others. Pickling is a horrible thing to do to a perfectly innocent cucumber.

You ought to try pickled eggs sometime.

Ill take a few, too.. Havent made them in ages, but used to at my old bldg, for house parties, and they went fast.. Used to make dozens, and save some in the fridge for later.

Bless you, Jann.

Thank you, Ken.. I wish I had access to a kitchen now, Id have to whip up a batch for all of the Bloggers.. and Dave, of course.. not as pretty, but tasty!

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