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August 03, 2022


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The secret sauce at the AC was a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise. Not exactly 11 herbs and spices.

Whatever the concoction, it was what made Whizburgers the best. Especially the Frenchie.

Consumed alot of fry sauce as a kid at the Woodstock Arctic Circle, and even my young, unsophisticated, palate knew there was more to their fry sauce than just Ketchup and Mayo.
Other ingredience: Worcestershire Sauce
Pickle Brine
Also loved it on my Burgers.

Its MEMORIES, Joel!!

My friend Ruth worked at the Beaverton AC, and she told me how they made it, what was in it.

OK. I'll disregard the sites that claim to know the ingredients in their fry sauce, none of which claim only ketchup and mayo. I'd also bet sauce was delivered to each restaurant already prepared like other condiments, so your friend could've been guessing like everyone else. Oh Hell, whatever Ruth said, we'll go with.

Scuddie, did you stop to think that some of those spices may be in the ketchup? You do understand that ketchup is more than crushed tomatoes?

My friend Ruth told me how they MADE the sauce, not how they took it out of containers.

Arctic Circle restaurants are still in business with most of the 70 plus locations in Utah where they started, but there are 2 locations in Oregon Woodburn and Newport.

Here is what Arctic Circle says about their famous fry sauce on their website.

"In the nearly 80 years since good ol' Don Carlos (Edwards) whipped up his first batch of then so called "pink sauce", countless restaurants have unsuccessfully tried to crack our secret recipe. And while or Original Fry Sauce is as popular as ever, our Chipotle Fry Sauce is already in contention for a spot on the Mount Rushmore of Dipping Sauces.

There a several recipes out there but I'am not buying it is only ketchup & mayo, but when you mix the two together it is pink!

Who'dve thought that ketchup was more than crushed tomatoes? (hand slaps forehead).

As I remember it was kind of a pale umber. But ketchup is red, and mayo is white. Red + white = pink.

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