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August 06, 2022


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Sad news. My wife and I enjoyed the period when they showed old/classic movies. The gents who ran the place always provided a brief but informative introductory talk before starting the flick. That was the late 1970s/early80s.

Built in the silent film era 1924.

Oregonian May 4, 1924 ---- H. J. Updegraff formerly of Sioux Falls SD has obtained a ten year lease on the $50,000 motion picture theater that is to be erected on Sandy boulevard near East Seventy second street. The building is to be called Roseway theater and will accommodate 650 people. R. C Powers of Rose City Park is to be associated with Mr. Updegraff.

First picture shown at the Roseway November 30, 1924 was the silent foim "Butterfly" staring Laurn La Plante & Kenneth Harlan.

Lets hope that the Roseway can rise from the ashes for a 100th year celebration in 2024.

Went many times as a young teenager (if a parent would drive us over/back), and as an adult. Loved the retro lobby . . . and the popcorn.
Hopefully, they have adequate insurance that will allow rebuild if owners choose to do so with economy right now.

I saw 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' here for the first time, and the organist was wonderful. Such a beautiful, fabulous old place. Hope they can rebuild, and show classics again.

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