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September 15, 2022


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The World's best Banana Bavarian Whipped Cream Cake (recipe on internet), Bohemian Bakery! Loved Kienow's on E. Burnside & 55th - their staff was wonderful. That location building burned down several years ago, with QFC rebuilding/in operation today.

Lady Elberta peaches 4/$1.00. The current Bi Mart has the same size can # 2 1/2 or 27-29 oz. on sale foe $1.99 ea on sale or reg. price $2.99.

GBart I only recalled that the Raleigh Hills Kienow's burning in 1988, but I checked the news archives and yes the Kienow's on Burnside & 55th did burn on July 27, 1986 and Kienow's rebuilt the store and it reopened for business on February 17, 1987. Kienow's stores were for sale in 1998, and that is when QFC entered the Portland market.

You may remember Boyd's pet store was next door in the same building, and news stories reported that all the animals were rescued. Another interesting detail was that after the fire the store manager of Kienow's on Burnside chartered busses that would take his customers to another Kienow's on Tuesday's & Friday's so they could shop.

Your memory of a wonderful staff are well founded.

Oh, am I shopping!!Meats, the peaches, full cart today!! And yes, two of those decadent cakes, so GBart will have to come help me eat... ah, dreams...

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