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September 20, 2022


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Portland was home to many great bowling centers and this was one of the best. The pool hall in the center of the building was intense. There was some serious billiards being played 24 hours. The lanes were well maintained and league action could be found seven days a week. The food served at the snack counter was superb (best burgers in town!). Even at 2 AM you could shoot some pool, bowl a few lines or try your hand at the pin ball games and other amusement devices. When it was too late to be at the bar but too early to go home, Amato's was king. Grand Central Bowl (the original) was also a fine place with similar features, but Amato's was my favorite. The building is now used for paid storage. Sad.

They had a bingo hall in the early 90s, a classmate/friend, one of her friends, and I went there for a few games after graduating college. I found a small pot plant growing in a windowbx planter in the parking lot across the street, left it to grow larger..

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