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September 22, 2022


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In the mid 1950's from top left clockwise. Carmen's 3902 NE Sandy---Yaw's Top Notch 2001 NE 40th---The Prime Rib 5474 NE Sandy---Maria's Dinners 5035 NE Sandy---The Pagoda 3839 NE Broadway---Henry Thiele's in Hollywood---A Bit of Sweden 1744 NE 42nd---Webb's Hollywood Club 4744 NE Sandy---Poncho's 3390 NE Sandy

Henry Thiele's in Hollywood 3711 NE Sandy

We still miss The Pagoda, and Poor Richard's.
Prime Rib is still open!

Even after living all over the west coast--Poncho's was still my favorite Mexican place. Ate there in the early 50's with my parents and took my kids there in the 90's.
Anyone know when they closed?

Old Duck-- Poncho's on Sandy Blvd opened in 1947 and closed on March 2, 2003, and the Hillsdale Poncho's closed on December 17, 2000

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