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September 21, 2022


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That daring young man in his flying machine was Lincoln Beachey took his first flight in February 1905 in Oakland Ca. at the age of 17 only months before he made several flights at the Lewis & Clark Exposition in dirigibles owned by others. During the exposition he piloted these sausage shaped craft that only had a steel framework for him to stand on from the exposition site to downtown Portland where he landed on the chamber of commerce building on Stark between 3rd & 4th where he shook hand and then flew on to the Oregonian building where he dropped leaflets promoting the exposition. Beachey also delivered a letter to Ft Vancouver making him the first person to make a power flight in Washington state

Beachey was killed in March 1915 while performing at the Pan Pacific Expo in San Francisco Ca. Beachey's "Taube Monoplane" plunged 3,000 feet into San Francisco Bay when a spar on the plane snapped due to stress from his aerobatic show. News accounts reported 50,000 at the Expo site, and an estimate 200,000 watching from the nearby hills saw the accident.

It is estimated that during his short flying career more than 20 million had seen him perform. Other aviation first for Beachey are.
First successful aeroplane flight Los Angeles January 1911
First to fly around the US Capitol May 1911
First to fly over Niagara Falls
American altitude record of 11,000 feet
Won first inter city aeroplane race NYC to Philadelphia in 2 hrs. & 22 seconds.

Lincoln Beachey September 1887 --- March 1915

"Like Icarus descending..."

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