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September 20, 2022


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A good friend does not drive a car; she's afraid to take Tri Met, Uber or any of the ride shares. Calls a cab every time she has to go to stores, appointments etc. Has names of a couple of favorite drivers, some will even wait for her. She only uses Broadway or Radio.
If I had to travel to downtown Portland, I would call a cab, why not?
Would not drive and park downtown and would not take a bus or max anywhere! Thanks to City Hall, by the way that's a rant!

I haven't taken a Uber or a Lyft though most of the reason I got a smartphone was so I could use their apps. I take Radio Cab occasionally and see them around Milwaukie.

One of the CNAs here uses Radio to and from work, and my sister often takes them home after work, she also works here. Used to LOVE Radio, Broadway was a 2d, if needed.

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