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September 22, 2022


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Charles Lindbergh arrived at the Portland's Swan Island airport at 1:59 pm on September 14, 1927 in the "Spirit of St Louis" one minute ahead of schedule. Lindbergh's visit was a big deal, with many Portland stores like Meier & Frank, Montgomery Wards, and schools closing in the afternoon. From Swan Island Lindbergh was taken on a 4 mile parade lined with locals from the east side of the Broadway Bridge through the east side of Portland, and over the Burnside Bridge and ending at a packed Multnomah Stadium which had 10,000 school children present. Lindbergh spent the night and the following day in Portland with additional speeches before departing for San Francisco on September 16th.

There was also an increase in residential burglaries during the time of the parade and stadium event with so many people leaving their homes to see Lindburgh.

Shouldve stayed elsewhere, Nazi sympathising child murderer. Ive seen too much about him to have any positive opinion.

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