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September 30, 2022


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Carol Kaye was one of the greatest bassists ever. A single mother and a trained jazz guitarist, she played sessions to augment what she made performing in an LA jazz club. Session work eventually became her main gig.

Kaye picked up the bass when the scheduled bassist didn't show up for a session, but she couldn't play fingerstyle, so she used a guitar pick. Picking vs. strumming is an ongoing argument amongst bass players, but Kaye did make picking her sound.

Kaye, by the way, denies that "The Wrecking Crew" was what Hollywood studio musicians were ever called, but was a name invented by Hal Blaine for a book. From Kaye's Facebook...
"The term "wrecking crew" is a name Hal Blaine invented in 1990 (borrowing it from a east-coast rock group of that name)...we were NEVER known as that ugly term, Leon Russell, others have always said that too."

Take of it as you will.

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