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October 05, 2022


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Allen was, by far, the comic genius of the three. Many of his innovations are still staples today. Paar wasn't talented in any sense of the word. And how many comics play "Stump the Band" or do Teatime Movie skits or anything even remotely similar?

But, agreed, The Tonight Show has gone nowhere since Carson retired. Fallon is horrible. He makes you wonder what NBC is thinking every time his contract gets renewed.

Rare, but I agree with you.
The major point however is we're so far out of the target demo for this program that NBC essentially doesn't even know we exist.

Fallon has strong appeal to those 1/2 our age and younger.

In the battle for ratings at 11:30, Fallon finishes in 3rd place behind Colbert and Kimmel. That's in +3, 18-34, and 25-49. And before you try out, "But what about Gutfeld?" Remember, he's on at 8 pm here on the left coast.

Jack wasn't the talent, except that he could draw out guests like no other. Watch some of the old shows with some of the big stars of the day. They really opened up to him.

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