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October 06, 2022


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Why would Captain Kangaroo make my joints hurt? My joints are the one thing that doesn't hurt every morning.

I'm with you Mr. Stump. I too can relate.

Did you know? Captain Kangaroo was taped at CBS Studio 52 (on 54th street in NYC). Other CBS shows taped there were '$64,000 Question', 'Password', 'To Tell The Truth', 'Beat The Clock', 'I've Got A Secret', and the Soap 'Love of Life'. CBS sold the studio to Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager in 1976, who in turn converted the theater into the famous Studio 54 nightclub which opened in 1977. There used to be an underground tunnel which ran from the the theater to the Ed Sullivan Theater, which is located within the same block, but was walled off when they remodled the Sullivan Theater for Dave Letterman. The theater is now a non profit community theater that you would never know is kind of a historic cultural landmark. I've walked by it a few times. The Studio 54 nightclub logos are still inlaid in the glass on the doors. There's your useless information for the day.

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