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January 21, 2023


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In 1967 I lived in Pendleton and programmed one of the (then) two radio stations. We carried the Blazer games and Bill Schonely came to town on a promotional tour. I interviewed him live on the air.

Not being a basketball fan, I asked The Schonz about one of the Blazer's star players, who had been traded during the off-season. My research for the interview apparently wasn't good enough because I missed that fact.

Schonely told me as inconspicuously as possible that Geoff Petrie would be playing in Atlanta during the coming season. Most people wouldn't have had the class, let alone the ability, to let me down so easily. That's when I became a Schonely fan.


Petrie was traded in 1977. His rookie year was 1971

Correction: I was in Pendleton in 1976, not 1967. Pardon the typo.

Petrie was traded by the Blazers at the end of the 1975-76 season. My interview with The Schonz preceded the 1976-77 season. There were no Blazers in 1967.

My memory is correct, my typing sucks.

Just look at that Herb Terlek (WKRP in Cincinnati)-type sport jacket Schonz is wearing in the 2nd photo!!

We wore amazing jackets in those days. I purchased several of mine at the hip men's store Vaughn's at Sather Gate.

Equally amazing, they're still in great shape 40+ years later. My 42 year old son wears them often to dress-up events at his golf club. Sort of for dress-up and sorta as a "costume."

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