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March 17, 2023


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What a damn shame!!

As I've posted in here at least once previously I was there the night of the fire. Grade school and high school bestie and I were together that night when we heard news of the fire. We drove from the eastside over to the Monkey Ward area to check it out late in the evening. As we crossed over the Willamette in my '59 Corvette we could smell the smoke from at least several miles away! Even at Midnight there was quite a crowd and a jillion fire fighters, fire trucks and related equipment, including police directing traffic...covering many blocks.

Also of note was the heat we could feel from several blocks away. It was really quite amazing.

From history:
The building was located at NW 28th and Upshur. Built in 1905 for the Lewis and Clarke Exposition. Burned essentially to the ground on August 17, 1964.

As noted, a damn shame to lose such a historic and glorious building.

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