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March 29, 2023


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My grandparents would often treat his son (my dad) and our large family to dinner at Sahrs in the 1950's-1960's. My grandfather said you could order whatever you wanted, but you had to eat EVERYTHING. My older brother and I would usually ordered a hamburger, fries and TWO chocolate shakes! We struggled to finish everything, but we always did :)

Oh yes, I remember Sahr's well. Even before I began working in the neighborhood. Sahr's was the first place to coffee when heading into the city from the Xerox office out on Highway 26 at what is now the junction with 217. The Cobra usually got there first. Sometimes the Porsche. Never me in my nice but not fast 64 Pontiac Catalina.

Then later after I left Xerox in 1969 and began working on SW Jefferson around 15th, I learned about the Leaky Roof, Bud's Goose Hollow Inn, the Mallory Hotel and many other fine establishments around the 18th and Jefferson area/neighborhood.

PS: Nice looking 55 Caddy parked at the door. And a nice 56 Bel Air sporting 55 Olds "Fiesta" flipper wheel covers!

I'll bet most of the people who spend time on Dave's website remember Sahr's. This place was the frequent meeting site for the Portland Radio Evening Shift get-together, although it had morphed into a Denny's by then -- the late 60s.

There is an Isetta right in front.

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