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March 19, 2023


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The Zombie Zulu club opened on February 17, 1950 with a African decor, and over the years that they were open they advertised a lot and had some fun with these ads.

Ad March 1950- Food Specialties--- Pounded Panther Paws--Ground Gorilla Gizzard--Curried Cobra Cheeks--Saute of Pigmy Tripe and other African delicacies. See Our Gizzogi! Trained Alligator

Ad May 1950 -- $10,000 Reward CASH--- Eddie Adams, Owner of Zombie Zulu will pay the person who brings Joe Stalin (Soviet Leader) to Zombie Zulu, $10,000 CASH.

January 1953-- Clip this coupon and bring to Zombie Zulu and you will receive absolutely and positively FREE with no obligation to you, nothing to buy, nothing to sign and you will receive ONE TOOTHPICK AND GLASS OF WATER (WITH ICE IF YOU PREFER) and all the conversation you want.

April 23. 1957 --- Eddie Adams ex-Portland Beaver, closed down Zombie Zulu Saturday for redecorating. He will reopen on May 22 as the "Embers", a high class dining and dancing spot.

In 1961 Eddie Adams became the owner of Erickson's at 3rd & W. Burnside.

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